A young’s man journey to success.

In this episode, Sheldon tells a story about a young man that went from being a garbage collector to running his own business. He never gave up through no college education until as a working adult, divorce, working midnight shifts, using his 401 to start his business, and many other things. The story is tremendous […]

5 Tips to being the favorite instructor

5 Tips to be the favorite instructor 1. Know your material inside and out2. Be prepared for any disaster3. Don’t preach, but teach4. Be respectful and personable of the ladies and men that work at the facility5. Always help set up and tearing down.

Start your Safety Consultant Business, Right Now!

Now is the time to start a safety consulting business. In the US, OSHA is back with regulations and direction. Many companies will need direction to stay in compliance. Across the globe, you can help with regulations, COVID-19 mitigation (if you have that experience), or even safety and health concerns that you have observed.

OSHA Update Show January 2021

In this week’s episode, Sheldon goes over the Executive Order by President Biden to have OSHA respond to the COVID-19 pandamic. Also, he goes over the OSHA recordkeeping electronic reporting requirement and the new increased penalties.

Episode 102: Safety FM+

In this week’s episode, Sheldon in plays the Safety FM+ show Around the Safety Pod. It’s a show that scours the internet for any safety and health podcast and plays 10 clips. Sheldon is a fan of the show and the Safety FM+ channel. Buckle in and let’s have some fun!