OSHA Update Show January 2021

In this week’s episode, Sheldon goes over the Executive Order by President Biden to have OSHA respond to the COVID-19 pandamic. Also, he goes over the OSHA recordkeeping electronic reporting requirement and the new increased penalties.

Episode 102: Safety FM+

In this week’s episode, Sheldon in plays the Safety FM+ show Around the Safety Pod. It’s a show that scours the internet for any safety and health podcast and plays 10 clips. Sheldon is a fan of the show and the Safety FM+ channel. Buckle in and let’s have some fun!

Episode 101: Cassandra Dillon

In this episode, Sheldon speaks with Cassandra Dillon on a variety of issues from her safety career, fighting for wage and race equality in safety and society. Cassandra is an instructor for the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Program and a adjunct professor. Additionally, she is a minister. She says that she will save your life […]

100th Episode with Jay Allen

This 100th episode edition is Sheldon celebrating with Dr. Jay Allen of Safety FM, Safety FM Plus, and Radio Big. They talk about the impact of the show, the Safety FM station, Sheldon’s progression with the show and a few new revelations.

Road to 100: Episode 99 Music Episode

In this episode, Sheldon continues the road to 100 episodes with a New Year’s Day music episode. Sheldon writes and produces all the songs that you will hear (except for a remix he did of a Todd Terry song). Sit back and enjoy this with headphones, so you can get the full effect of the […]

Road to 100: Episode 98 Pedro Maciel

In this week’s episode, Sheldon and Pedro catch up after his heart attack this summer. They talk about his new lifestyle and mindset. Also, he gives Sheldon advice for life beyond 100th episodes.

Road to 100: Episode 97 Linda Martin

In this week’s episode, Sheldon speaks with Dr. Linda Martin the Lorax about her life as an academic, the world of safety and health, and her life in general. Linda also give me good advice for beyond 100 episodes.

Road to 100: Episode 96 Sam Goodman

In today’s episode, Sheldon continues the road to 100th episode with Sam Goodman the HOP Nerd. They speak about a bunch regarding what Sam is up to during these days, and he gives Sheldon some thoughts for beyond 100 episodes.

Road to 100th Episode Day 1

In this week, Sheldon talks about his upcoming week of daily podcast episodes leading to episode 100 on January 4th. Sheldon goes over some emails and notes from listeners. He also teases the upcoming services that will help consultants reduce overhead and grow their businesses.

OSHA Update October 2020

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